Sandee Sgarlata


Happiness Solved: Climbing One Hundred Steps


Sandee was twelve years old and could not have been happier as she climbed the one hundred steps from the river dock to her house, only to learn that her older brother had tragically died while serving in the US Army. It was just one of the defining moments in her life. Facing death has been the underlying theme of her life and the catalyst for her never ending search and desire to learn how to maintain a sense of peace and happiness. This is especially true during times of stress, uncertainty, and chaos that we all experience in today’s world.

Sandee is sharing her own no-nonsense way to create lasting change so that no matter what you have gone through and no matter what your daily struggles are you can learn how to get back to a state of peace and happiness. From the moment she learned about her brother’s death, she began her quest to get back to that place of happiness she felt at the age of twelve. There is no guarantee how long you have left. Your life will pass you by in a split second. How do you want to spend every day while you are still here? Life is too short to delay the climb!

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Book Reviews

Just opened, then read (cover to cover) Happiness Solved written by Sandee Sgarlata Addison. Dealing with the recent loss of my father, it was a timely read for me. Sandee courageously opens up and lays bare tragedy and loss that she experienced in her life and the concrete steps she took (and still takes daily) in order to heal. In her book, she details specific tools to improve your life and change your perspective on situations. They amount to a wonderful formula to make you a better person and, along the way, find and keep happiness in your life. Thank you, Sandee, for writing this book.

Mark Trevor

As a person that has read many books on self-help and self-improvement, I was very curious given the title - “Happiness Solved”. More than just another self-help book written from a clinical or academic perspective, filled with platitudes and/or statistics, Happiness Solved is an introspective, transparent and very personal approach to happiness, based on the author’s real-world life experiences. I’m so glad to have purchased this book, and will recommend it to many, many others.


Sandee's take on happiness is spot on; her story is a testimony that, in spite of the bumps in the road, it is possible for everyone!

Mary Peck

Amazing book. I read this book following a hard battle against COVID-19 and it really helped me throughout my entire recovery. Sandee is a true coach in this book and offers her readers so much good advice and tips. I would recommend this book to anyone needing inspiration and true words.

Pilar Colina