Sandee Sgarlata


Sandee Sgarlata

Sandee Sgarlata is an authentic and value-based thought leader with decades of experience to inspire, educate, and transform audiences

Speaking Topics Include

A Champion's Mindset

Smashing Limiting Beliefs

The Art of Reinvention

Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Cultivating Abundance, Confidence, and Clarity

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Michael D. Butler

Craig Siegel

Lisa Charles

Michael D. Butler

Rick Ornelas



“Unbelievable presentation. My biggest takeaway was this: Perspective. Changing your thoughts. Instead of focusing on the negative, replace that [thought] with a positive one and then you change your world. Really hit home for me. Everything can change in an instant. Once you become aware of that, you can change the way you look at things. Sandee is amazing and I loved every second of it.”

Michael D. Butler

“I just heard Sandee Sgarlata speak and I have to tell you, she was amazing. She really inspired the audience. She really moved me to do some introspection and to take action. You know what, if you are looking for a speaker and can highly recommend her. She was very impressionable and I heard a lot of positive feedback.”

Rick Ornelas

“I just heard Sandee speak. She was so inspirational. She truly embodies what it means to be happy and she was very authentic and relatable with her story. That’s what really connected me with her and that’s what helped me to understand the depth of being happy.”

Lisa Charles

“I’ve had an opportunity to talk to Sandee off stage and on stage and one of the wonderful things is she is a genuine, kind and inspirational spirit that comes across if you have her come and speak to your employees or on the big stages, it translates in both places and that’s a unique quality. I cannot give a higher recommendation for a speaker with tremendous content and a tremendous heart.”

Jonathan Goebel

“Sandee is such a powerful, uplifting positive person and the power of happiness and positivity goes a long way. This lady knows what she’s talking about and you can feel her energy, feel her light. I highly recommend Sandee. She has impacted lives and she can impact yours.”


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